Parma, Italy – A town famous for it’s parma ham and Parmiggiano cheese, has a lot more to discover for those who seek further. Mercanteinfiera, the antique fair, is one of these unique finds for those who want to experience true italian design in it’s true context. A day in the fair is literally like walking through Italian design history. Here you can find unique design pieces from both the 50’s and 60’s, as well as pieces dating back as far as  the 200th century. The fair is filled with stall after stall for as far as the eyes can see (around 1000+ exhibitors) and  is well known amongst serious antique collectors.


The large space consists of 6 buildings, which offer antiques that come from different genres – a mix of modern, classical, and the ultimate collectibles can be found here. Here you can also spot iconic design pieces from brands Castiglioni, Stilnovo and Venini. For vintage lovers, the fair also offers a selection of classical pieces from well-known brands such as Prada and Gucci, but also interesting newcomers with oriental influenced pieces like kimonos and the like.

parmavintagesculpturesThe fair also hosts a huge collection of modern art from the likes of Lucio Fontana, Gio Ponti and Vasarely. On top of that a contemporary art exhibition called Art Parma Fair, a contemporary art show that focuses on trends that showcase the most influential and emerging art movements – which in itself is a reason to visit.

The Mercanteinfiera is a journey that takes you into the lives of different kinds of people and design genres – a memorable experience that is worth traveling for.  The event takes place two times a year during spring and autumn. To know when the next one takes place, visit









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