Milan, Italy – Some people search their whole lives for the thing they want to do for their futures but for Claudia Jesi her impeccable taste and eye for beauty brought her and her family to one of the biggest vintage gems right in the center of Milan.

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Years ago, Claudia had stumbled across an small vintage shop in Porta di Ticinese ( the very first Cavalli e nastri) and had become friends with the owner of the store. In due time, the whole concept of the shop was simply offered to her after expressing her desire to retire. As straight to the point as one could be, Claudia did not think twice and accepted her offer. As a former architect, putting up a shop and creating a beautiful space came naturally to her. After closing down the first shop, Claudia went to find a new home for her new venture – landing in the current home of Cavalli e Nastri at via Gian Giacomo Mora.


Admitting to not planning to own a vintage store in the first place, it came out to be destiny. She explains that if you work well at something, your story will be just as good and if you try to make beautiful things people will recognize it. Her second shop had opened on the same street and then another space was suddenly offered to her in the design district, Brera, for the third location. Claudia has emphasized in the importance of family, and has made one with the people that she works with in Cavalli e nastri.

If you work well at something, your story will be just as good and if you try to make beautiful things people will recognize it.

Today, post her architecture career, Claudia has made a beautiful home out of Cavalli e Nastri. She has three shops: two in Via Gia Giacomo Mora (Men’s and women’s) and one in via brera (contemporary items). She has kept most of the original details of the spaces (and the name) and simply customized them with vintage furniture pieces from around Italy and some welcoming color choices and lights. Walking into Cavalli e Nastri is an experience in itself, as browsing through the merchandise is like going back in time.

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Aside from the amazing vintage selection (Where you can find pieces from Kenzo, Ferragamo and Balenciaga), we are eyeing the new Lucite and bachelita bags from the 50’s – special art deco purses that are no longer produced. In the men’s store, vintage briefcases and the vintage tea sets that add character to any space.


For those that already have too many beautifully kept vintage pieces at home, Cavalli e nastri also buys clothes from collectors who have pieces that fit the store’s aesthetic. Simply drop by and show them what you have. For vintage lovers alike that don’t live in Milan, they are in the process of creating their online store at and will ship worldwide.


Cavalli e Nastri Women’s
Via Gian Giacomo 12, Milano, Italy
Cavalli e Nastri Men’s and furniture
Via Gian Giacomo 3, Milan, Italy
Cavalli e Nastri Women’s (Contemporary)
Via Brera 2, Milan, Italy

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