Milan, Italy – Situated in a quiet  corner in the middle of the charming Porta Venezia neighbourhood is  Orsonero coffee – the brainchild of couple Brent Jopson and Giulia Gasperini.

Brent, a Vancouver local has always been surrounded by a big coffee culture. While Giulia, a Milan native and pastry chef, knows the importance of having the daily Italian espresso.

The couple were supposed to be on a sabbatical in Milan, until they realized that there were no specialty coffee shops in the city – A concept that is very common in North America. Despite the strong coffee culture all over italy, they wanted to create a space where they could offer specialty coffee from local producers around the world, but particularly in Italy.


The idea slowly came together. With friends in the architecture and design field, Orsonero (designed by Forestieri Pace Pezzani) was born. “Orsonero” meaning black bear, as there are a lot in Canada, is represented in the logo of the place. The interiors express a more minimalist approach with inspiration taken from the japanese traditional houses with wood as the main element, bright white walls, and large windows that allow natural light to come in throughout the day.


The perfect place for a quiet afternoon or to read a book, Orsonero coffee offers your usual cappuccino and espresso but also offers specialty drip coffee, a kick-ass flat white and sells beans from different roasteries from italy and around the world.

During your next visit, ask them which beans are available and get the details on the roasters behind them!

Via Giuseppe Broggi 15, Milano, Italy

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